Procession Frictionless Payments in Sage X3

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Frictionless Payments in Sage X3

Process Credit Card Payments in Sage X3 with Procession Pay

Seamlessly process transactions in Sage X3 with Procession Pay. With credit card payments, it’s important to optimize your collections to keep cashflow consistent. With Procession Pay, you will get a comprehensive processing platform at competitive rates. No hidden fees or ever-growing processing rates. Powered by Datacor, with over ten years in the Payments processing space.

All customer information is tokenized, reducing security risk.

Credit cards are stored on file for reuse, but the data doesn’t reside on your servers. This reduces security risk and makes PCI certification simpler.

Level 2/3 processing data lowers rates.

Best in class data capture allows lowers rate so that you are getting the best prices possible for your transaction load.

Optimized for both B2B and consumer facing platforms.

Built specifically for B2B merchants, the platform allows for all card types and optimized for card not present transactions.

Completely integrated with Sage X3.

Never leave the ERP to process payments again. Using disparate systems can lead to mistakes and makes reporting a headache. Integrating payments into your order entry, invoicing, and accounts receivable process reduces clerical work.

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