In 2014, Sage discontinued support for PFW ERP, requiring many process manufacturers to make a difficult choice. Companies using PFW must either invest the time and money into a new ERP solution or deal with the security risks and reporting hassles of software that is no longer being updated.

There’s a better option.

With Procession and Sage X3, you can simplify operations and reduce the number of applications your organization supports. Procession’s industry-specific functionality built for chemical and process manufacturers can replace manual processes and specialized software that are expensive to maintain.

For example, if compliance with the GHS (Global Harmonization Standards) is critical to your operations, Procession will save you time and reduce risk. Procession ensures full adherence to federal and local regulations to handle, control, track, and report chemicals with:

  • GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) accessible within Sage X3
  • Regulation requirements tracked by product
  • Product registrations tracking with control over where a product can sell (Pesticides and VOC)
  • GHS compliant package labels
  • VICS standard Bill of Lading with hazard designation and DOT proper shipping name

In addition, Procession provides support for process manufacturers to simplify and automate formula management, quality control, manufacturing and customer service. There’s never been a better time to make the move from PFW ERP to Sage X3.