Procession Regulatory Control Module

Every industry is regulated in some way.

These regulations can be defined by local, federal or international jurisdictions, but they can also originate from within the industry itself or from religious bodies (ex. Kosher, Halal). In addition, all manufacturing companies have to manage the Environmental, Health and Safety aspects of their business. There are many agencies to contend with at every level. Compliance with, the tracking of, and reporting regulations is a time-consuming process. Mistakes can lead to large penalties, as well as loss of business. The Procession Regulatory Control module for Sage X3 provides you with tools to manage whatever regulatory environment your business operates within.

Procession Regulatory Control is a Sage X3 module providing comprehensive functionality to handle these challenges. Procession is installed as part of your Sage X3 system which allows your data to flow through each process within your organization, without the hassle of maintaining external systems. With Procession, you can significantly reduce the burden of maintaining your regulatory requirements, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and control. Procession Regulatory Control module provides comprehensive functionality at an economical price.

Automatically generate SDS with ease

Creating an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) without the proper tools can be a slow process. Procession adds SDS functionality to your Sage X3 system, allowing you to generate an SDS from your formula, reducing the time required to create an SDS. With Procession, you can easily access your SDS and personal protective equipment information from any platform. You are able to automatically distribute SDS to your customers and well as generate and print GHS compliant labels using this SDS information. No longer will employees need to search for a paper version of the SDS. With Procession, employees can easily access the SDS from any computer or mobile device.

Configurable for your needs

If your company has unique needs, Procession is highly customizable. This is possible because Procession shares the Sage X3 customization engine, which allow screens and reports to be easily customized on either screens or with source code. Ease of use, maximum flexibility, and complete functionally are reasons why Procession is THE Regulatory Control solution for Sage X3.

Manage safety and handling procedures

With Procession, you can store the safety and handling information for your raw materials, including exposure limits, product properties – such as flash point or pH, as well as the GHS ratings. Storing this data with the raw material record allows you to provide the most up-to-date data to your employees, while also making the data easily accessible through-out your organization.

Seamless integration with Sage X3

Our team of process manufacturing professionals designed Procession exclusively for Sage X3. The toolset and development methodology used in creating Procession are the same ones used by Sage. Because Procession is part of your Sage X3 system, it shares the Sage X3 interface. This use of a common interface simplifies user training and user adoption of the product.

Reporting and simplified data flow

Included with Procession are many regulatory control reports. You can easily add additional reports using Crystal Reports® or the native Sage X3 query tools. Procession data is stored in the same database as your Sage X3 data, which simplifies data access and maintenance. Data flows automatically between Sage X3 and Procession, from pre-sales to manufacturing, in an intuitive manner and without the need for integration links.

Additional Features

  • Generate Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • GHS Labels
  • Regulatory Reporting for Tier I, Tier II and Inventory Lists levels
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Track CAS#’s and properties by product
  • Regulation threshold limits
  • Control where a product can be sold (U.S. and Canada only)
  • Maintain safety and handling information by product
  • Chemical Database Subscription option
  • Track regulations by product
  • Track and report product safety and handling information, including proper protection equipment
  • Support International SDS Formats