Procession Pre-sales & Formulation Module

As a process manufacturer, you depend on your Research and Development team to improve your product lines constantly and also to find ways to lower formula costs.

R&D is not a one-time event and your team requires tools to track and compare their research and results through each revision. R&D formulas need to be managed in a “sandbox” where access is controlled and limited to approved lab employees. Formula changes must logged and easily reported and reviewed. Before creating a new formula, your R&D team needs tools that allow them to search through existing formulas to determine if an existing formula meets the required specifications. If the new formula is a pre-sales activity, then the formula needs to be linked to a sales opportunity and the pre-sales activity needs to be tracked.

Your formula data is a driver for your entire production process. This data feeds information to many other departments such as Quality Control, Inventory Management, Production, Sales and Regulatory Control. Since formulation is integrated with many departments, it must be an embedded part of your ERP system so that data can easily flow from one department to another. The ease of data flow when using an embedded solution, such as Procession, reduces the data entry burden and eliminates the redundant data entry that is often required when maintaining external systems.

The Procession Formulation module gives your R&D team the tools they need to manage their R&D data effectively.

Formula mangement that meets the needs of the users

Users can create true R&D formulas, without requiring setup of product or production records. Procession Formulation allows both inventory and theoretical components. Users can easily resize or convert formulas to any unit of measure.

Link formula mangement to the rest of your business

When formulas are ready for production, they are published to create products, production bills of material and quality control test sheets. Users can link products to their formula version and can publish future formula changes in order to update existing products.

Integrate formulas with sales

If the formula is part of a pre-sale activity, users can link the formula to a sales project from the Sage X3 Customer Relation module. The sales project can track all pre-sales activity.

Seamless integration with Sage X3

Our team of process manufacturing professionals designed Procession exclusively for Sage X3. The toolset and development methodology used in creating Procession are the same ones used by Sage. Because Procession is part of your Sage X3 system, it shares the Sage X3 interface. This use of a common interface simplifies user training and user adoption of the product.

Reporting and simplified data flow

Procession includes formulation reports and more can be easily added using Crystal Reports® or the native Sage X3 query tools. Procession data is stored in the same database as your Sage X3 data, which simplifies data access and maintenance. Data flows automatically between Sage X3 and Procession, from pre-sales to manufacturing, in an intuitive manner and without the need for integration links.

Additional Features

  • Formula development and costing in a true “sandbox”
  • Secure your intellectual property with multi-level access controls
  • Formula version management and change history, which supports multiple active versions of a product.
  • Cost and quote formulas during product development
  • Formula property calculations
  • Track sample requests and shipments
  • R&D Project Management
  • Manage approval processes and task assignments
  • Automatic hazard classification option
  • Raw material composition and property tracking
  • Intermediate explosion option
  • Product, BOM, and QC Tech Sheet creation directly from the formula
  • Search and compare formulas