Procession Manufacturing Enhancements Module

Process manufacturers have unique needs, so they often require unique functionality from their business management solution.

Addressing these needs through customization is often expensive and can cause implementation delays, which in turn can jeopardize your project. However, sourcing an off-the-shelf solution that addresses your needs can reduce your risks, while providing greater functionality at a much lower cost.

The Procession Manufacturing Enhancements Module provide the additional functionality required by process manufacturers and distributors. For new Sage X3 customers, this off-the-shelf functionality reduces implementation costs by reducing the need for customizations. Procession provides the functionality that businesses need on day one, which speeds the implementation and reduces the user anxiety associated with a migration to a new system. Existing Sage X3 customers, who adopt Procession after their Sage X3 implementation, benefit from the enhanced functionality, which often addresses many items on the Sage X3 wish list and helps them gain greater returns from their Sage X3 investment.

Produce batch tickets for your manufacturing workflow

The starting point for process manufacturers is a formula or recipe that you produce in batches. The Procession batch ticket shows ingredients with weight and volume as well as the process instructions, including boiler-plate note functionality.

Make adjustments to work orders on-the fly

During production, you may need to include rework product into a batch. Also, you may need to make adjustments to your work order based upon the current temperature or humidity. To accomplish this, you need the ability to add “unexpected” components on-the-fly. Procession gives you the ability to re-sequence the components on your work order and to choose when operations should add these components.

Superior functionality for less money

Procession Manufacturing and Distribution Enhancements was designed for process manufacturing and distribution. Adding Procession to Sage X3 is an economical way to address these common needs with an off-the-shelf solution that eliminates the need for costly customizations.

Seamless integration with Sage X3

Our team of process manufacturing professionals designed Procession exclusively for Sage X3. The toolset and development methodology used in creating Procession are the same ones used by Sage. Because Procession is part of your Sage X3 system, it shares the Sage X3 interface. This use of a common interface simplifies user training and user adoption of the product.

Reporting and simplified data flow

Procession includes  multiple reports for manufacturing and distribution. You can easily add additional reports using Crystal Reports® or the native Sage X3 query tools. Procession data is stored in the same database as your Sage X3 data, which simplifies data access and maintenance. Data flows automatically between Sage X3 and Procession, from pre-sales to manufacturing, in an intuitive manner and without the need for integration links.

Configurable for your needs

If your company has unique needs, Procession is highly customizable. This is possible because Procession shares the Sage X3 customization engine, which allow screens and reports to be easily customized on either screens or with source code. Ease of use, maximum flexibility, and complete functionally are reasons why Procession is the best Quality Control Control solution for Sage X3.

Additional Features

  • Boiler Plate notes and images printed with manufacturing instructions
  • Batch ticket includes safety and handling information and QC specifications
  • Rework Calculator for automatically resizing work orders
  • Formula Version tracking (supports multiple active versions for a product)