Success Stories

OTECH Corporation

OTECH Corporation is a leader in thermoplastic compounding and is one of the largest vinyl compounders in the Midwest USA. OTECH develops, designs, and custom manufactures high-quality specialty PVC compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and alloys used in electrical wire and cable, footwear, housewares, roofing, agricultural parts, and automotive industries.


OTECH Corporation was using several separate systems for accounting, manufacturing, quality control and R&D.  Managing these different systems was difficult and inefficient.  The company had outgrown these systems and were looking for a single integrated solution that could replace the prior systems they had relied on, while increasing efficiencies and data accuracy.


OTECH selected a solution that consisted of Sage X3 and Procession.   Since Procession works as modules that are added to Sage X3, this provided a single integrated solution.  Procession was selected because it provided many of the critical features that OTECH required.   These critical features included quality control and R&D formula management.    Sage X3 was selected because of its advanced accounting, manufacturing and reporting functionality.