Procession Carbon Launch

Procession Carbon has launched for Sage X3 version 6 and 7 on 11/16/15. The update for X3 PU 8 will release on 11/23/15.

Below is a partial list of the new features. Contact us to learn more about the new features in Procession Carbon and to schedule your update.

New features include:

Customer QC Specifications

Enter production, sales and customer specifications. When shipping to customers, print the Certificate of Analysis with the appropriate specification ranges.

Multiple CAS #’s

Functionality has been added to support raw materials that are blends of multiple CAS#’s. When you create an SDS for a formula that contains Multiple CAS#’s, this information flows through to the SDS.

Batch Ticket QC Section

The technical sheet for the formula has been added to the Batch Ticket report.

Product Technical Sheet

A product technical sheet report has been added .

Product Technical Sheet Notes

The Product Technical sheet notes will not show on the QC Results screen. Also, a new field has been added called CofA Notes. Notes entered in this field will print on the CofA.

BOL Enhancements

The BOL has been enhanced to print the customer product descriptions for non-hazardous products. Also, the package codes now print the short UOM descriptions instead of the UOM code. This allows you to create more descriptive package codes or to use the UN package code format.

Certificate of Analysis Changes

When printing or emailing the CofA at delivery, you no longer have to select the sample ID, when there are multiple samples for the lot. Instead, Procession will now print the results for the last sample for the lot.

Other changes include:

Use customer product description and product name when available
If specs are not found for the product, use the specs for the formula.


Also included in this update are a number of fixes since Procession Boron was launched in May 2015.

For a complete listing of all changes, please contact us or your reseller.