Procession Fluorine Available for Sage Enterprise Management

Procession 9 - Fluorine


The latest version of Procession, ProcessionFluorine is now available for Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3).

Procession is a core component for Sage Enterprise Management and is Sage certified solution.  Procession is designed for process manufacturers and chemical manufacturers, providing modules such as R&D Pre-sales/Formulation and Regulatory Control. Procession also enhances standard  Sage Enterprise by adding functionality to the Quality Control, Manufacturing, and Distribution modules.

For the companies that manufacture supplements, botanicals, vitamins or nutraceuticals,  Procession  now offers Procession Nutraceutical, which allows formulation based upon nutritional targets.   Procession Nutraceutical also allows Nutrient Supplement panels to be generated for the formula.

Procession-Fluorine continues our commitment to offer best-in-class functionality through-out Sage Enterprise Management.  Many new features are provided in Procession-Fluorine as well as a compilation of patches from previous versions.

Clients can contact Procession Software for information on how to download Procession-Fluorine or to schedule installation by one of our certified consultants.

New features provided with this version include:

  • New Feature Highlights
  • Regulatory Control
  • SDS Hazard Classifications –  Automatically determine hazard classifications for a formula and generate an SDS based upon these hazard classifications.
  • SDS GHS Label  – Print GHS Labels from the SDS screen in the SDS language.
  • Locales –  Control which Regulatory authorities to use as the basis for hazard classifications.   Ability to have different hazard classifications by Locale.
  • Templates―New SDS template option.
  • New LOLI Integration options―Volume-based LOLI subscription options are now available.
  • Quality Control
    • Quality Control Quick Entry―Enter QC results prior to product receipts with the option to post the results to an Analysis Request.
    • QC Methods―Define the QC Methods that available for each QC Question
    • Statistical Analysis―New report shows Standard Deviation, Mean and Failure percentages as well as Trend Analysis.
    • Import QC results
    • Formulas on Formulas― Add an intermediate formula to another formula.  Eliminates the need to publish the intermediate formula to a product or BOM first.
    • By-Products and Variants―Add by-products and variants to the formula.
    • Version Control―Manage version history with the integration of Procession R&D and Sage EM Version control.
    • Lockdown Formulas after publishing
    • BOL Instructions―Select a shipping storage instruction to show on the BOL.
    • Canadian BOL―Bi-lingual (French and English) BOL.
    • Rework―Add rework to a work order and automatically resize the work order.
    • Work Order Pictures―Select pictures to show on the work order report.
    • Component GHS Pictograms shown on work order report.
    Nutraceutical Add-on
    • Set nutrient targets and select ingredients based upon the targets.
    Print Nutrient Supplement Panel

Procession Fluorine is available for the following version and patch levels of Sage Enterprise Management:

  • Product Update 9 Patch 6 and above
  • Version 11 Patch 10 and above
  • Version 12 Patch 15 and above