Tobacco Technology, Inc.

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Customer: Tobacco Technology, Inc.
Industry: Process Manufacturing – Flavorings
Location: North America – USA

More than 150 years ago, TTI began our tobacco journey as tobacco farmers, eventually becoming a premier exporter of leaf tobacco in the USA. And for the last 50 years, we’ve been perfecting tobacco taste with a focus on flavor innovation. Today, we remain a family-owned and operated business.


When Tobacco Technology (TTI) went live on Sage X3 in 2015, they did so while still managing parts of their business with external systems.  This caused inefficiencies and double entry in the areas of quality control and formula management.


Procession was selected because it provided a single integrated solution for Sage X3 and because Procession is a very flexible system that could be configured for TTI’s processes.   Procession provided the additional benefit of supporting regulatory control from within Sage X3.


Procession has allowed Tobacco Technology to replace several external systems.   The data for quality control, formulation and regulatory control now reside within a single database within Sage X3.  By having a single integrated solution with Sage X3 and Procession, the company has been able to increase efficiencies by reducing double-entry and simplifying the procedures for creating new products within Sage X3.

[Procession] has built a customer service team that supports our needs in an industry that is ever changing. The ability to work closely with the development team to improve enhancements has been crucial for our processes.

John McMullen
Director of Operations